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Worship Positions, Obedience Changes.

1 Samuel 2 & 1 Samuel 3
When we feel empty and far from God or long to hear His voice or feel His presence, we need to look at the life of Samuel. We knew that Samuel was conceived as the answer to a barren woman’s prayer in 1 Samuel chapter 1.
In chapters 2 and 3, verse after verse, when he is introduced, the only thing the Bible really tells us about Samuel is that he was “ministering before the Lord” and growing “in the presence of the Lord”. From the time he is weaned, whenever we hear mention of Samuel, it is in regards to his worship.
The fourth time we read of Samuel worshipping, in the small space between chapters 2 and 3, the Bible immediately follows it by saying “the word of the Lord was rare those days. There was no frequent vision” (1 Sam 3:1). God wasn’t audibly speaking to the people during that time. There were no visions being given.
This was presumably a period of spiritual deafness and blindness, which I know I have often felt in my own life. Desperate for Jesus,…

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