The Spiritual Discipline of Journaling

Using Journaling as an act of Prayer and Worship

What is a Spiritual Discipline?

Every Christian is running the race of life, the finish line being an eternity in Heaven. 1 Timothy 4:7-8 tells us that we must trains ourselves to become spiritually fit. Spiritual disciplines are essentially habits that help us engage with God. Prayer, worship, fasting, attending church and bible study are all spiritual disciplines.

  • A deliberately self imposed habit that nurtures spiritual health and fosters spiritual growth leading to maturity. 
  • Deliberately self imposed actions to alter existing life and thought patterns, thereby breaking the normal cycle of life and breaking the focus on the mundane to contemplate the sublime. 
  • Repetitious actions driven by spiritual decisions rather than natural environmental reactions. 
  • Spiritual exercises to develop “Sacred Rhythms” to engage in intentional spirituality in the pursuit of intimacy with God. 

How to Journal

Here's a simple format you can follow to help you start a journaling routine. After doing it for a while, you will find what works for you. I recommend setting aside at least 30 minutes to an hour a day to journal and reflect. 
  1. Open your heart and mind - "Lord, I come into your presence, what do you want me to learn today?"
  2. Bring your cares to Him - "Lord, this is what's on my heart today..."
  3. Prayer - "Lord, this is what I need you to do in my life..."
  4. Scripture - Find a scripture. I like to read the same scripture in several different versions of the Bible to get a better understanding of it (NIV, ESV, The Message, etc). Write down key words in the scripture, what you think it is saying, what you think God is saying, and how it applies to your life. 
  5. Praise and Worship - This is where you get to "have fun"! Put on some worship music and begin to doodle, draw and really think about the scripture, your prayers to God, etc. 

Remember...your art work does not have to be perfect. It's not about the outcome, it's about the process!

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  1. I really enjoyed your post. I journal but not daily and this post helped me see another approach to journaling that will help me with this Spiritual Discipline. Thank you!


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