Not My Will, Lord.

The will of God is quite interesting. It is so very simple, yet, extraordinarily complex.

2017 has been a year of transformation, in my life. I have watched myself grow in so many ways. Still, I have had some hiccups along the way. This year has been an ongoing lesson on the Will of God. There have been times when I tried to inflate my own will over His. But, I am fortunate enough that each time, He has lovingly redirected me towards what He has for me.

Isn’t it funny how we can have an entire vision or scenario in our mind for how a certain aspect of our life should work, without ever really considering God’s desire for it? And often, what we’ve come up with is SO different from His Will for us.

When we are in His will, things are almost effortless. They just flow. When we try to force our own will, things are generally a complete mess. Nothing works out the way (we think) it should. We are faced with trials and roadblocks at every turn. I can recall several situations this year in everything from career to relationships, where I tried to force what I wanted in my life, instead of what God wanted for me. I was met with resistance and things falling apart. I kept trying to make a plan B (and C, because that’s just who I am) but God was trying to show me that I wouldn’t need any of those plans… if I’d just follow His.

Then there was the time when I full well knew that the thing I sought after was most certainly not in His Will for me and I chose to waste time pursuing it anyway. Convincing myself I was just “passing time” although, in reality I knew I was wasting it. Thank God for Grace and Redemption.

Luke 9:23 tells us that we have to deny ourselves and take up our cross. The moment I surrendered to His will, things began to seamlessly fall into place in ways that I can only attribute to His divine power, mercy and grace. I’m reminded of something my pastor says “If it’s His will, it’s His bill”. Of course, I’d love to apply that to my prayer over Grad schools, which I am in the process of applying to! But, even looking further than the monetary aspect of favor, I like to apply this mindset to more than just finances. “His bill” could simply mean He opens a door for you to an opportunity you need to take you to the next level. When God desires something for us, He will see to it that once we line up with His Will, it is taken care of.

We frequently overcomplicate the Will of God, when the Bible makes it very clear. I’m not quite sure how so often we get His will and ours confused. Our will is usually self-serving. His will is always to advance the Kingdom. Naturally, there are times when we can look at a situation and without hesitation we immediately know “this is not what God wants for me”. But, on the other hand, sometimes it is not so cut and dry. Those times when we are unclear are when we need to go to the Word. The more I study the Word of God, the better my understanding of His Will for not just my life, but for all of His children.

In 2 Timothy 2:3-4 we learn that God “desires all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth”. Want to know your purpose? Bring people to Jesus.

His Will isn’t always “safe”. Sometimes, the things it feels like God is calling us to do may seem scary. But, if it is truly His will, know that there will be provision. Know that there will be someone there to catch you when you leap. Has your child ever woke up and decided they did not want to go to school that day? As their caretaker, unless you determined that they were sick, you took them to school anyway, because you knew it was what’s best for them. As parents who try to cultivate our children’s success, we don’t send them to school with no supplies. In the same way, sometimes God has to give us a push into His will, by removing all the alternatives but, He doesn’t send us into His Will, without providing a means for us to succeed. Hebrews 13: 21 says that He will “make you complete in every good work to do His will, working in you what is pleasing in His sight”.

In hindsight, all the times when I felt unsafe or uncomfortable, I realize God needed to get me where He wanted me, but I was still covered by Him. I only felt unsafe because I was looking at it from a human perspective. But, I was sheltered and protected from a supernatural perspective.  

As a teacher, there have been countless times I have given students direct, clear instructions to help them accomplish a learning objective with ease. And there will always be that one student who flat out ignores the instructions, or perhaps was never even listening to them to begin with, and completely messes up the assignment trying to do it their own way and not per the instructions of the teacher who has the content knowledge and experience. When that happens they often end up having to scrap everything they have worked towards and start over, this time seeking direction and following the guidance of the teacher.

When are we going to start listening to instructions and let God teach and guide us, instead of skipping the important directions and trying to jump ahead and do things our own way? When will we grow tired of scrapping the projects in our lives and starting over? When will we get sick of wasting our time trying to work out on earth what has already been worked out for us in Heaven? Why do we try to reinvent the wheel when God has already set into motion the events of our lives and all we have to do is set our sights on Him and stay the course?

Prayer for the week:
Lord, thank you for your perfect Will. Please help me to walk with you and listen intently to Your Words. Guide me throughout the day. Help me to walk in Your Will and put away my own selfish desires. Make me more like you and transform my mind so I no longer look to my own ambitions, but begin to long for the things You want.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

2 Timothy 2: 3-4
Hebrews 13: 20-21
Luke 9: 23
Hebrews 10:36


  1. Thank you for this reminder and the illustrations were perfect. Safest place is in the perfect will of God.


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